BHSc Naturopathy

Jill Richardson is a passionate clinical naturopath and nutritionist with a strong desire to assist others to find balance and peace within themselves.    


Her yearning for a deeper connection began from a young age, craving to be released from social conformities, material objects, false feelings, and repressed emotions, a path of self-destruction ultimately led to self-discovery.    


Through holistic nutrition, herbs, nature, connection, meditation and movement, Jill was able to overcome the depths and despair of OCD, anxiety, and depression. She deeply understands the hell of mental illness and how hard it can be to navigate through it. 


Jill is always learning and growing to be the most empowered, loving and balanced version of herself, and through her own recovery, has now helped many others like herself reach their full potential and overcome their own battles of their subconscious health. 


A Naturopathic consultation is an exploration of your life through feelings, symptoms, and experiences which have led you down your unique path. Your symptoms correlate with a cause, and together with traditional and scientific evidence-based practices, you can navigate to your core and unravel the reasons why. By simplifying and creating balance within your life, you will feel the freedom you have been so deeply craving. 


Jill also finds peace within practicing Reiki and Meditation, teaching children's yoga and meditation, and partner yoga. 

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