Surrender to the force of Mother Nature
and embrace the flow of her wisdom.
Allow the storm to manifest through your core, until simplicity presents through a harmonious symphony of balance between
your mind and soul. 

Dear Mother was founded by Jill Richardson, a Naturopath with a strong desire to live minimally and return to the basics, connect with nature and simplify her life.


'Mother Nature provides all that we need to survive as beings'. 

The name Dear Mother was inspired by two loves, mother earth herself, and Jill’s own mother. Two of the most influential loves of her life, which have brought her into this world, and have continued to carry her through her journey.


Dear Mother starts with a salutation to suggest we are writing a letter, this letter being our life, to ourselves, or as to Mother Nature herself.


As creations of Mother Nature, as mothers, as women, as nurturers and all beings.

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